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Subaru Baja brakes

Subaru Baja. Soft brake pedal. Turned rotors, repl pads, replaced brake booster twice. One used one rebuilt. Each time the pedal got better after each booster replaced. Still have soft pedal.

Perhaps bleed the system?


The brakes have been bleed twice.

New master cylinder to.

Didd you bleed the master before installation?

used booster???

not likely related to a soft pedal, but why used? Are you buying quality parts?

Bled brakes twice , after master cyl replaced, one used booster one rebuilt.

Brakes are not pulling at all.

Is this what’s happening?

You bleed the brakes. The brakes work fine. But the more you drive the vehicle the softer the brake pedal becomes?


Before and after.

System has been bled before and after every thing was done.

Bob, you are not going to get any help if you keep posting the same, short answers with no description. Good Luck with your brakes

I have posted every thing I know to post.
I have had the rotors turned, pads replaced, master cyl replaced , brake booster replaced twice, brakes bled before before and after.

Please tell me what more you need to know ? Should I drain the entire fluid system and replace with new fluid? The brakes do not pull at all. The pedal is just soft, if I pump the brakes it get some better, but not like it should. My mechanic says he doesn’t know what else to try.


Well congratulation on having your own mechanic :wink:

I think it is time for a real brake shop - as one of our past members always said - vehicle not starting is an inconvenience - vehicle not stopping is a disaster .

That tells me more than anything else. Is your mechanic doing what you tell him or is he advising you? Have you considered finding a better mechanic?

How did your mechanic bleed the brakes? Pressure? Vacuum? Pedal pumping? Do you have ABS? Did your mechanic cycle the ABS valves to get the air bubble out? What year is this Subie? Have you ever changed any of the rubber lines?

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Answering this question is important.

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Yes, we did

Age/miles? Maybe the flexible brake lines.


I think @Mustangman has asked some very pertinent questions

Some cars require you to also use a pro-level scanner, when it comes to bleeding the brakes

on some cars, it’s next to impossible to get a good pedal, if you don’t do that

Also, I hope the mechanic did a decent job of bedding in the brakes . . .

I think the mechanic should be on this website, trying to figure this out . . . not the customer

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I will relay this to my mech, and see if he has this equipment…
Thx for the info.