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I have a 2001 Saab 9-5 less than 80K miles no real issues to date. Recently, we I start the car put into gear to pull way or back out of a parking spot, for instance, when I push the brakes the are soooo hard to push and have VERY little stopping power…I push harder to get desired result at slow speed. If i am at speed which has happened twice, i need to pump them hard…then the peadl finally goes as it should and the brakes apply properly! I also notice, around the same time, when i start the car…leave it in park…push the brake all the way in, I can hear a bubbling type of sound. I release brake pedal and it stops…push again and it’s back. I’m assuming these are related??? Do i just need brake fluid? Do I need to have my brakes bled? Any help would be appreciated!!!

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If that is original fluid it is time to change it (bleed them at that time). You may have other issues, like a leaking vacuum hose etc.

Don’t mess around with brakes if you don’t have the tools and skills to do it right. One error can be your last error.

Normally vacuum brake boosters are very reliable, but this does really sound like a booster problem. If your car is a turbo model, then the booster may be a pump driven type which may not have the same record for reliability.

You need to get this looked into immediately, this can be very dangerous.