Saab Story Brakes

I’ve got a 1996 Saab 900S 2.3L non turbo. Has about 110,000 miles on it and I have had it for about 4 years and put on 20,000 miles.

I’ve got a reoccurring brake problem ever since I bought the car. When I first bought it the rear right brake would stick noticeably after sitting a while, most noticeable going in reverse. Since the calipers were pretty rusted, I had both rears changed and new discs put on after about a year. My assumption was that the rust was causing the sticking.

Now it is happening again. Looking at the brake disc I can see that that particular caliper has never really done any work. The disc is rusty with very little abrasion compared to the other. I probably have only put on no more than 10,000 miles since I put it on but it is obvious that the other has been working.

Possibly related info.

I had to have the opposite side brake line replaced because it was so corroded it ruptured about a year after I did the calipers.

I don’t see any brake fluid leaking nor any noticeable change in the brake pedal when braking. The only thing I really notice is that after my car sits for a while, when I back out of my space it “rides up” on that wheel until the caliper gives.

My thought is to bleed that wheel and see if and what pressure there is and either replace the brake line and/or check to see if the pressure is fine out of the master cylinder to the ABS pump and see if it is in there.

Other than a blockage I don’t see what other problem there could be. It was bled by the shop that put the caliper on and it holds steady pressure at the pedal.

Any thoughts?



Sounds like your ebrake is sticking. The ebrake keeps the car from moving and will “ride up” so to say. You’re snapping the ebrake out when you force it. I bet if you to have someone pull the ebrake up and down while looking at it, you’d find it sticking. Mine stuck all the time in my Saab, even after I got it fixed and did the same thing. I eventually just unhooked it. Make sure you’re only using the ebrake when you HAVE to as well.

I had my calipers replaced as well, but it ended up being the small part that the ebrake [new ebrake cable] snapped into that was seizing up. The fact that it’s riding up leads me to believe that it’s an ebrake sticking. Like I said, if you have someone pull the ebrake up and down, you will probably see one moving and releasing, and one sticking. If you do - tada, it’s your issue.

I used to have to crawl under mine and “unpop” the ebrake from sticking before I drove, or if I noticed it “smelled” when driving. That’s when I just unhooked it for good.

No need for it where I live anyway. good luck.