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Saab saab saab

Right front wheel rubbing/grinding. When cold, coasting and braking. Not continuous. It has completely died while turning. New tires all around. Had both front brakes replaced x2 in 2 years. Still rubbing feel in right front.
Any suggestions appreciated.

Shops have looked. Work done. What work? Not continuous? When cold?

(I’ll elaborate with full explanatory sentences if you do).

It would be helpful if the OP would clarify which “Saab SUV” he/she is driving, as that may help with a diagnosis.

Is the OP driving a…
Saab 9-2X (which is actually a badly-disguised Subaru Impreza)
a Saab 9-7X (which is a badly-disguised Chevy Trailblazer)


Brakes can wear out in 2 weeks if caliper is seized. Inspect brake components. Next bet is wheel bearing.

The good thing pointed out by @VDCDriver is that parts and service should be available for either vehicle to rectify the Problem. You need not take it to a “SAAB specialist.” First thought is they may have replaced the brake pads but not turned or replace the rotors…or, during a tire rotation the wheels were over or unequally torqued. I would have that addressed as it’s the easiest to rectify. If the rotors were turned, it also makes them more suseptable to being warped when wheels lugs are incorrectly " reinstalled".

Also, look in the well and shake and check the plastic liner. If a clip is missing. It could rub on the tire. Look underneath for any debris hung up or any thing mechanical that has become detached. Especially since it stops while turning. Just try to eliminate the obvious before spending money.