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Saab safety statistics

Where can I get the stats on the velocity of what a rear bumper of a Saab (1995, 900 S) can withstand before being damaged? THe bumper was rear-ended by a Volvo dead- on center.

Don’t all cars sold in the US have to be equipped with “5 mph recoverable bumpers”? In theory, there should be no damage from impacts up to that speed. In reality, I believe that many cars will suffer visible damage even at a lower speed.

I believe that’s 5 MPH with no damage to the fuel tank or anything else important. Damage to the bumper is allowed.

Is this question by chance related to the possibility of future litigation?

Go to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

It can’t take a lot of punishment from a hit by a car. Somebody asked The Great Zacchini (the human cannonball) what would happen if you miss the net. He said “Squash! The Great Zacchini becomma the Great Zucchini.”