Rear end collision, how much damage?



I have a “99” Suburban and was recently rear ended. There was no apparent damage to the other smaller vehicle but enough damage to my vehicle that the rear bumper is being replaced. My question is, could this also have caused damage to the drive train? I.E. transmission, 4 wheel drive etc. and should this also be covered by the insurance and how would I go about it? I’m thinking any problems I’m having could also be attributed to the age of the car,but I’m noticeing things now that I did’nt notice before.


I’m noticeing things now that I did’nt notice before. We all would. Event things we got use to a year ago, now will make us think every time we notice it. It is hard to tell.

Who’s insurance is paying for this. I would guess the other guy’s insurance. I would suggest you make sure your insurance company knows about this and let them make some suggestions. They may want to check it out themselves and may find things you did not that the other insurance company will be responsible for.

In any case I would have my people (insurance or mechanic) check it out and I would want that done before any work starts.

Good Luck


If all you need is a bumper your axle, trans, etc., are all ok.

Any other issues with your vehicle are prior. I see this so much I want to scream (no offense). People are driving 10 year old cars that are daily commuters down Barb Wire Blvd, Albatross Droppings Ave and Grocery Cart Collision Ct and after we turn their turd into a museum piece they in turn try to milk it and have someone pay for normal wear and tear. Ok, I’m done ranting.

What I believe happens is people have grown accustomed to the vehicle and do not notice all the problems. Then after something happens they then pay close attention to the vehicle and notice all the grunts and groans. You are on the right track, most likely all the grunts and groans of the vehicle have been there for some time.


For the cost of replacing your bumper, you are lucky the insurance company didn’t total your Suburban…


As long as the body man did a frame check, the collision on the rear should have no affect.