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Saab engine trouble

The car started fine…upon pulling out of the parking lot, the check engine light came on. After a couple seconds, the engine slow cut out and then wouldn’t restart. After 20 minutes, I tried again and it started. When I pressed the gas it would only creep. I then had to floor the engine to get it to move. I’m not sure but I don’t think I felt or heard the car shift, it’s an automatic. Any guesses what would cause this. It’s at the dealership, waiting to hear.

The reason why no one has responded on a problem like this is simply because there’s not enough info known so as to be able to make an accurate guess. Any one of a 100 things could cause a problem like this but without knowing if it’s the CEL you’re talking about, what codes if any are present, whether the problem is due to lack of fuel pressure or spark, etc. it’s impossible to hazard a reasonable guess.

Based on the symptoms, I might take a wild stab at a failing fuel pump; especially if the fuel filter has not been changed on a regular basis.