Saab 97x auto leveling suspension not so auto anymore

I have a 2005 Saab 97x. It has auto-leveling air suspension. Recently, it seems to have developed a slow leak. When I drive all day, it is fine, but each morning when I go outside, the rear end is eight inches lower than it was when I parked it the night before. If I start up the car, the pump kicks in, and the rear end lifts to its proper level. I assume I need to get this fixed, just wondering if anyone has any experience with this, and any idea what I can expect to pay to get it fixed.

You are going to need new Airshocks or if your lucky you have a small crack in the airline. I dont know about your car, but in some cars the shocks/airbags can cost $1000’s… Your truck is basically a trailblazer/envoy so maybe you can find a used set if new is very expencive.