Need help with a code P0352

I have not been able to clear an engine code P0352 on my 2002 Chevrolet Corvette (base). I have replaced the spark plugs, ignition coils, wiring harness and still the code will come up; if I reset the code it might go a few days or it might go a few hours but it always generates the code again after a short time and it is a pain to get the car through state inspection.

It seems to be especially more likely to come up shortly after I have made a hard acceleration run, or after long distances at highway speeds. I do not feel any misfires of any kind, either at idle, or speed or even under hard acceleration it runs and pulls hard and smooth.

I am running out of ideas, the only possible things left that I can think of are something to do with the ECM, or possibly a bad fuel injector?

Any help is gladly appreciated, thank you!

A quick web search says that a vacuum leak can also cause this.

I suggest you check the wiring going back to the ECU using a meter. Checking the frequency of the pulses as suggested in the trouble shooting procedure would be good to do also. You can make comparison readings with a good cylinder circuit.

If you can’t fix it and have spent xx dollars trying to fix it, can you get a waiver? Or is car doomed to sit forever?