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Combustion Coils

HELP! Saab 9-3 2002 breaking down. So my check engine light goes on and off from time to time. A mechanic was finally able to catch a code for combustion coils. However since then the light has gone off. Car has been running beautifully. 3 months later and the light has come back on. Now I am stalling at every stop. I am lost at what to do. Bring to a mechanic and who? Fix or sell? Is it time to let go? Please any help is needed.

You’ll need to find out what the ‘code’ is, it’ll be something like P0420 , for example. Your mechanic should be able to tell you what it was, let us know.

Also, I’m guessing he said ‘ignition coils’, not ‘combustion coils’. Check on that, too.

He did tell me to look up “combustion coils” however ignition coils does seem to search better. I believe it was something to do with coils somehow numbered 2 and 4. I do recall another code however this was 3 months ago and my mechanic is not being very helpful at all. He wants to see my Saab go and wishes I were to replace it with any American car. All and all the car is in great shape and I’d hate to throw it in a junkyard. I will try to get more info on it but any ideas or advice on this Saab’s future?

Take the car to a Saab service center. Find one at;
It is likely a failing ignition coil pack, which for these cars, is a one piece, 4-coil, unit that plugs right on top of the engine and costs $175 for an aftermarket unit. It is really easy to replace. A good mechanic should be able to diagnose this very quickly.

Thank you very much! I will definitely look into this…and a new mechanic.

Saab has no future; it is no longer manufacturing cars. You will be able to get service for some time in the future, but parts will be harder and harder to get.

I’d replace the coil and be happy, and maybe the plugs and wires, but if that doesn’t do it, time to think about unloading it. Don’t expect much for resale value though.

Much appreciated advice. I am going to change the coils to hopefully get it running while I try to find a new vehicle. I will let you know the outcome!

So new ignition coil, new on ebay $119, and so far so good! Thank you all for the help. It does not seem to need the spark plugs or wires. Any signs I should look for that it would?

I replace spark plugs at the given intervals in the owners manual. I replace the wires every other spark plug change for platinum plugs.

Excellent. And don’t listen to the used car dealers with too many 06 Audis on their lots. The Saab dealers who are sticking around (at least the ones I’ve dealt with) are dedicated to keeping you in your car and the really good independents are just as good as they have always been.