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Saab 9-3 Mass Air Flow error code

My 2001 Saab 9-3 has been throwing P0101 MAF codes for three years. I’ve replaced the MAF twice, rebuilt and then new. I can clear the code, but it returns. The most recent code was at 68 mph and the FUEL TRIM appears to be a clue. Both the ST and LT “RM3” showed -100.6 (as happens almost every time I get the code), while the “RM1” readings were -4.6 ST and -16.1 LT. Any ideas?

A number of years ago, the previous owner (my sister) took it in for the same code and the dealer supposedly fixed an intake leak at an intercooler hose connection. (I think they just cleared the code…as the car had the same code when I got it from my sister.)

The two O2 sensors appear to be responsive (using OBD II). I also sometimes get a misfire code (crank sensor?). Plugs are fairly low miles and the DIC is only two years old.