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Saab 9-3 MAF CEL

My 2001 9-3 (52k miles) has repeatedly triggered a check engine light. Actron shows it as P0101, MAF Ckt Rng/Performance. I?ve cleaned the MAF twice w/MAF cleaner. Stock air filter. Even after clearing the codes my Actron quickly shows code ?pending?, P0101. Freezing the data shows:


STFTRM1% 0.0

LTFTRM1% -21.7

STFTRM3% -100.6

LTFTRM3% -100.6

Short term/long term fuel trim looks like a clue. Am I able to check my MAF or the connector cable with my multimeter to see what is bad? Volts, amps, or some other test? Are these MAFs know to go bad?

I see some ?reconditioned? MAF?s available on-line. Is that a reliable fix? What does the reconditioning entail?