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Saab 2002 9-5 SID

Saab 2002 9-5, The SID panel–when I hit the ‘night panel button’ the gauges on dash all go to zero and the SID is also black. The SID panel has the “Service the theft Alarm” warning issues. The automatic lock open (on key fob) operates only when you are almost on top of car. new alternator was just installed to alleviate non start problem.

was the car diagnosed as needing an alternator, or was this an AutoZone Parking Lot Vote ?

You need a really good SAAB SPECIALIST, who has a Tech-II, with SAAB module. If he does not have that, has something better… you may need a different Specialist.

Lots of mechanics are ill-equipped to work on “all makes and models”


Thanks Locksmith,
My mechanic is from Italy, a garage with 3 mechanics, 95% of work is Mercedes, Volvo, Saab, Porsche, Audi and a couple Toyoda’s. They claim to have the latest diagnostic tools but I have to say obviously not. I will find someone that has the Tech-II w/ Saab Module. THANKS for you input and suggestions. Pete

An Italian mechanic trying to diagnose an electrical problem on a Saab?


Toyoda is the family name, Toyota is the brand name.