1998 Chevy s10 2.2 liter

I would really appreciate some info on fixing my s10, when I start it after it’s been sitting a while it is hard to start. When I finally get it to stay running it will idle pretty good, soon as I try to push gas pedal it bogs and pops through throttle body, and most of the time will go dead. When it’s idling good, I can try to put it in gear and it will go dead, start it up try rev or forward again just goes dead. I been trying to fix this thing for about a month now. Any info from yaw, I would really appreciate, thanks in advance, art…

Tell us how many miles on it… Is the check engine light on? What are the codes? Have you pressure tested the fuel supply? Does the tank have old gas in it? Any other warning lignts on?

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That’s consistent with the fuel rail not holding fuel pressure. Common causes are faulty fuel pump check valve, and leaking injector. Suggest the first step is to obtain a pressure hold test. That will tell you if the fuel pressure is correct or not, and whether it holds pressure to spec. It’s possible the other symptoms are also due to low fuel rail pressure. Does your engine use a separate fuel pressure regulator? Usually located near the fuel-injector rail. If so, you could remove its attached vacuum hose and see if there is any fuel inside the hose. If there is, the fuel pressure regulator is faulty.

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I had the motor and trans built about 40,000 miles ago. I took the tank off and cleaned it really good, haven’t done a pressure test. Check engine light is on, no other warning lights.

What are the codes??

Borrow or rent an OBD2 scanner, read the codes and post them here, in the form P1234 so we know what is going on. If you get a free tool rental from and auto parts store for the scanner, get a fuel pump pressure tester as well. Key on pressure, idle pressure and key off pressure after 30 minutes. While it is running at idle, pull the vacuum line off the fuel pressure regulator. If fuel squirts out, you need a new regulator.

Post codes and pressures and we’ll go from there.

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Codes p0463 and code p0405

P0463 indicates a pinched wire going to the fuel sender. The P0405 indicates an EGR wiring or a bad EGR valve. It is possible the EGR valve is the problem. Un plug it just to see if that changes anything.

Given the lack of any other codes and this…

This indicates a lack of fuel flow. There is enough pressure for idle, but not more. Pressure testing is critical as is checking the pressure regulator as I and others already posted. Especially because of this…

Check the fuel lines for any restrictions. Pinched pipes, or lines, replace the fuel filter and there is a screen inside the pressure regulator that may be clogged. Like this below…

My last car was a 1999 Monte Carlo. 3800 V6. In it’s old age it would sometimes have a cold start problem. I read somewhere this trick. Just turn the key to on, you should hear the pump run a few seconds. Then crank the engine. Mine would start every time that way. I sold it a couple years a later, 19 yo and 224,000 miles! Good car!

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