S, M, and Downhill Alert Icons on Land Rover Discovery

The downhill Alert icon has been lit on my 2000 Land Rover Discovery II for 2 days, and this morning the S and M icons came on too and started blinking. What do these icons mean? Is it safe to drive the car still?

Owner’s manual? That’s where I’d look for an explanation.

I don’t have an owner’s manual unfortunately, I just bought the car 2 months ago, but thank you. Any ideas where I can download or view an owners manual online?


That illuminated “downhill alert” icon is telling you that your finances are going to be headed downhill very quickly if you don’t get the vehicle to a qualified Rover mechanic.

While you should definitely obtain an Owner’s Manual, during your wait for one to arrive in the mail, you could wind up with a really big drain on your wallet, as these vehicles are not cheap to repair and deferred repairs have a way of becoming more expensive repairs.

I would recommend immediate attention from a Rover-specialized shop or dealership, coupled with ordering that manual for future reference.

Thank you! Your reply made me sad and laugh at the same time… :slight_smile: