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RV turn signal and brake light problem

We have a 1994 Travelcraft 20.5’ RV, 45,000 miles. I believe it’s a Ford Econoline 350 Chassis.

We recently drive it from Las Vegas to Colorado where someone told us our brake lights were out. We also realized our turn signals weren’t working. We took it to a recommended mechanic who checked the fuses, and made sure that power was getting to them. OK there.

He thought the turn signal switch was not getting power, but then his tester said it was. He said the turn signal switch was good and thought the problem was in the wiring, something he couldn’t fix and recommended taking it to another car person 30 miles away. We then found that 3 of the four turn signals worked but sometimes blinked at a faster than normal speed. The brake lights did not work.

We did not have the time to take it elsewhere and decided that we would allot enough time to have it looked at when we returned in September.

Tracking down bad wiring appears to be extremely complicated. Any advise would be appreciated.

You will need to find if the power or the ground side of the lamps is not working.

Using a KNOWN GOOD ground, check to see if there is 12 volts at the hot side of the lamps when the brake pedal is pressed. If it’s there you have a bad ground, and you can just run a new ground wire to a known good ground. If 12 volts isn’t there check as near to the turn signal switch as possible. Find somewhere the voltage behaves correctly and just run new wires back to the lamps. Cut the old wires and leave them in place.

Odds are that the only difference between turn signals & emergency flashers are the electrical paths thru the turn signal switch.

What’s it do when you turn on the E-flashers?

Quote “We then found that 3 of the four turn signals worked but sometimes blinked at a faster than normal speed” Unquote.

Anyone replace bulbs?

If the brake light switch is getting power through it then I would try replacing the turn signal flasher unit or at least check to see if the power to the brake lights is getting through it. The bad turn signal light socket needs to be checked to see what the problem is there. Hopefully it is just a bad light or ground connection.

as you may have thought of already, try replacing ALL the bulbs first.

check the sockets for corrosion, and the ‘pins’ that actually make the connection.

the wires would be checked out after the bulbs and sockets are checked out.