2003 Sable electrical problems

Having issues regarding my turn signals and brake lights. I checked all “visual” specs( fuses, lightbulbs ect.) yet cannot see an actual problem. The problem first began when i would adjust the steering wheel and noticed that my turn signals would only work at certain steering wheel levels. They eventually stopped working all together. However, my tail lights work, but not the brake lights except for the middle light thats on the rear window.Have not taken it to a mechanic just yet, seeing if anyone out there has an idea of whats wrong.

sounds like either a ground problem or a short between wires. Both difficult to diagnose. I’d start with a wiring diagram (schematic) for the car and a voltmeter. Pick one problem, eg brake light. check voltage at the brake switch, which should be 12 volts (put a brick on the brake pedal) and check at the bulb (zero) and then find out where it goes away (should be just wire and connectors between those 2 points). If you see 12v at the bulb, then it’s a ground problem.

Sounds easy, but finding and getting access to all these points to test is difficult.

The brake lights and turn signals run through the flasher unit so you should check that. Since you stated that the trouble started with adjustment positions of the steering column the problem could very well be in there, with the turn signal switch or wiring to it. I would recommend you get a test light probe if you work on this yourself so you can see where voltage is getting to. You can’t just look at it and know it is ok. They are cheap to purchase and very handy to have for problems like this.