RV Transmission Problem: Help! My "Reverse" Leaks!



I have an '89 Tioga RV, with a Ford 460 V8. I was not having problems with the transmission, but took it to be serviced yesterday. The technician said that the fluid was fine, didn’t have to change it or the filter. Neither he nor the ticket said whether he added fluid, however.

Problem is that not the transmission leaks when I set the parking brake and shift it to reverse - ONLY in reverse! It’s a pretty steady drip, too.

I have it parked on our driveway on a slight incline, “nose” to the downhill side, in case that may have something to do with it.

We’re leaving for vacation in a week!!! Help!!!



From what I gather from your post, you are getting a fluid leak only when the transmission is placed into Reverse with the engine running. It is possible that you have a crack or porosity in the transmission case that breaches the reverse apply clutch hydraulics. Since Reverse uses a very high line pressure and all of the apply piston area, it is possible to leak only in Reverse. Although, you should also see if the same leak is present in manual Low. since you don’t mention which make or model of transmission you have, I am assuming you don’t have an external reverse servo that might be leaking from the cover.

Have a transmission technician look at these areas. Let us know what you find.