Toyota RAV4 Transmision

I have a 2007 Toyota RAV4 with 110K miles that has develop a transmission problem. When place to reverse and the engine is revved up the car/transmission jumps. Like it something is slipping in the transmission or the engine is loose. I took it to a good local transmission shop and they changed the filter and oil, $230. They used the right oil according to them, I actually double checked with Toyota dealership. Without taking the transmission out and taking it apart, $3000. I opted to just stick to filter oil change. But the problem is still there. It only happens in reverse. Does anybody know if the transmission is going bad without taking it apart?

If you put a transmission into gear, but the vehicle doesn’t move until RPM’s are raised it’s called a slipping transmission. If this only occurs when in reverse, then more than likely the O-rings on the spool valve in the valve body for reverse are leaking and not developing enough hydraulic pressure to engage the clutches.


Is this a manual or automatic xmission? An engine “jumping” sensation, esp during higher than normal rpms during engagement into Reverse (or a forward gear too), can be caused by faulty engine or xmssion mounts.