Repair rust hole in Suburu rocker panel?


I have a rusted out hole hole about 10" long in the passenger side rocker panel of a 93 Suburu Legacy, the rust damage extends back a few inches into the underbody of the car. The local body shop will tack and weld a panel over the area for $400. Body shop says none of the damage weakens the structure of the car. Knowing nothing about this, and being broke, my prudent mind is wondering if it is possible to fill it with some spray foam and/or bondo? All it has to do is pass inspection in MA. The car has a lot of new everything so I would like to save it. thanks in advance I appreciate all input!

Rust repair is never cost effective. Are you saying this has to repaired to pass a state inspection?

shop around- maybe another shop will just rivet some sheetmetal on there for under $100. But don’t expect it to get you through much longer, there is probably other rust on the car that will create problems by the next inspection.

If it’s a Subaru in Ma. it may be too late to do anything but cosmetic repair.