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Run flat tires

I have a 2010 Mini Cooper S Clubman with run flat tires that I do not like at all. I want to change these to regular tires without changing wheels, can this be done with this vehicle?

Of course. As long as the correct size is offered.

Talk to a Mini service department and

I hear you. I bought a vehicle with run-flat tires several years ago. That’s the last set of run-flat tires that I will ever own. As mentioned before, make sure the new tires are the same size as your old ones.

Yes, you can replace the run-flats with standard tires. Many people do it.

Just be aware, you will not have a spare tire.

What is the problem with “run flat” tires?

Stiff sidewalls, poor handling and road noise. If you get a flat, you can only drive up to 50 miles at low speed. The tire can not be repaired and must be replaced. And, they must be replaced in pairs (or sometimes, all four).

Get four real tires, learn how to use a jack and carry a can of flat-fix.

Get four real tires, learn how to use a jack and carry a can of flat-fix.

I would not recommend the fix-a-flat.  It is far more trouble than it is worth and is a real mess to clean up.  Drive with a cell phone and call for help is you don't want to keep a spare in the trunk.

Thanks. Never knew that.

I wanted such tires for our emergency vehicle which sometimes passes traffic on highway or interstate left shoulders. Always concerned about puncture from debris on the shoulders and try to stay off them.

I agree. I would never before have agreed running around without a spare and just a cell phone, until I got to thinking about the last time I had a flat (not a slow leak I could get to help for). I never have ! That includes severe off roading as well.
I think it’s more important to have a spare cell phone, a gps and drive sanely.

Mine wore out in 16 thousand miles. That was enough for me.

Readers, please note this posting in comparison to those in which he tells of running 103 mph delivering blood, and tells how safely he drives when close to other cars. Is passing cars on the left shoulder consistent with his claims?

I drove 30 miles once on a flat 4 ply nylon 7.50 X 15 tire on a '53 Chevy…In a snowstorm…Too drunk to stop and change it…Made it home okay, not quite down to the brake drum…Next day, picked up a tire and wheel from the local junk yard and drove on…Ten bucks…The tire pressure monitor never came on, not that it would have made any difference…Times (and prices) have sure changed…