Replacing RunFlats - is 2 at a time okay?

Wondering if replacing 2 runflat tires with ‘standard’ tires is okay if they are on the same axle, leaving 2 runflats on the rear axle. Is this safe? Is it okay? Trying to curb the initial outlay. I really appreciate the help.

Sounds reasonable as long as you don’t have an all-wheel-drive vehicle.

Can you use the same rims?

Your Mini Cooper is just a Front Wheel Drive car, so yes, you can replace them two at a time.
The biggest deal you are going to have is the handling is going to feel odd, since the run flats are like spinning bricks, while regular tires are softer, and roll more as you corner aggressively.

So, if you drive like a normal person, you probably won’t notice a thing.
If you drive like a crazed lunatic who’s pants are on fire, and you’re being chased by a parking lot full of shopping carts (I loved that ad), then you’re going to have issues.

Also, if there’s snow where you live and drive in your Mini Cooper, DON’T do it.
Just replace all 4 at the same time, and take the financial hit to get them financed.


Yes, you can replace two at a time, but you should put the new tires on the REAR axle, not the front.

It’s safer that way.

Thank you for your feedback and quick reply; I sincerely appreciate it.

I had assumed the newer tires would go on the front being a front wheel drive. Better control, then, with putting these on the rear - is that the logic, pls?

Thank you very much for your quick reply and knowledge. My wife is the driver and she rarely leverages the car’s handling abilities, and we live in a no snow zone.

Do you by chance have any thoughts on putting these 2 newest tires on the front or rear, knowing it is a front wheel drive, pls?

My thanks again for your help.

In an emergency situation when you are loosing grip, if the front has better traction, the rear will spin out and you will end up looking where you just came from. It is not a vary safe way to drive.

Over the years I have done a few 360’s in the snow and ice (never hit anything) but I sure had a few exciting moments. I think those days of old when I practiced in the snow and ice in empty parking lots was well worth the time.

I did loose grip and hit a fire plug, but no injury and the cop who stopped to take a report, slipped and fell on his bottom as he got out of his car. He did not write a ticket. ?

That makes sense now that you’ve explained it.

Thank you again for you rhelp; have a blessed week!

Did this car come with a spare?
With 2 regular tires you’ll need one now.

I suspect there will be a noticeable difference in the way the car handles with the two different types of tires…Be careful as speeds increase…

I’m going to disagree with the consensus. I think it’s NOT a good idea to replace RunFlats in pairs.

RunFlat tires are much stiffer than regular tires. Tires with different spring rates can cause handling problems. The problem is that the average driver wouldn’t know he has a problem until he is in an emergency situation - just when he would want predictability.

Further, you want the best handling tires on the rear - that way the car always understeers - and that means the RunFlats on the rear - which is the opposite of convetional advice. In the big picture, this means there isn’t a good answer.

I think if you are going to replace RunFlats, you ought to do them in sets of 4.