All season run flat tires

buying a mini with these type tires,can i sub for another all season brand,or should i switch

Switch to what?? Run-flats cost twice as much and last half as long…While you can drive for YEARS without a spare tire, when you need one, you can be in a real jam without it…What is your plan?

My personal opinion would say get rid of the run flats. I have read about too many problems with them.

A can of Fix-a-flat and a cell phone?

I agree that these tires tend to be very problematic.
However, finding a place to secure a spare tire in a very small car that was not originally equipped to carry a spare could be…challenging…to say the least.

My solution is to avoid models that come equipped from the factory with run-flat tires.

Just drive on them until they go flat or wear out. And then decide at replacement time where to go.

Some of the problem reported on RunFlat tires are the result of their being high performance tires, which tend to wear out qyuickly regardless of whether they are RunFlats or not.

Other reported problems are the result of some cars having quite high camber settings which causes one sided and irregular wear.

But the ride harshness problems are indeed the result of the stiffer sidewalls needed to make the RunFlat tires do what they do.

thank you

All mini drivers,have you all been using premium fuel or can you fill up with premium once in a while,many thx

just purchased a 2011 infiniti g37x with goodyear eagle rs a tires,anyone have experience with this brand and whether i will be happy with their performance,thx

I have driven quite a number of miles without a flat. Today with cell phones I don’t see the need for run flats. I bought my current car new in 2001. As of today, I have yet to have a flat on this car.

With cell phones it just does not seem worth it.

Your choice. Good Luck