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Run Flat Tires for a Toyota RAV4

Do I have to stay with RFT for my 2012 Toyota RAV4? I’m hearing that it’s not okay to change to conventional tires. What is the best answer to this question? I know RFT are expensive versus conventional tires. What about safety?

Are your tires worn out? Or is this a hypothetical/existential question? If u have rft tires, u don’t have a spare. If u buy conventional tires than u run the risk of being stranded with a flat. But than u get aaa. For a time, only the rav4 sport model had no spare. Now the limited model also has no spare. Makes the trunk/lift gate area look much cleaner with no spare.

No, you do not have to stay with run flat tires. Here are some options that other Rav4 owners have tried.

Whatever you do, replace both front or both back tires at the same time if you have FWD and all 4 tires if you have 4WD.

I had a set of run flat tires once…they wore out at 16K. I’ll never own another set. Just go to and pick out an appropriate set of conventional tires for your RAV4.