Rubbing brakes

Hi everyone so iv just got new brakes and rotors fitted and the pads are touching the rotors which is causing a rubbing noise is this normal iv had them for about a week

Not normal. Pads touching the rotors is ok, rubbing noise should get checked.

Barky is absolutely right. Get it checked soon.

It could be the backing plate - it may be slight bent and it may be riding the rotor.
Or maybe they didnt grease she slider pins and the caliper is stuck.

It’s not that uncommon to experience a glitch or two w/ some correction required after new pads or rotors. Good on you for noticing something unusual occuring. One thing you could do, after you drive for a few miles where you don’t use the brakes much, stop, park, engine off, then use the back of your hand as a heat sensor; put it near (but don’t touch) the suspect wheel. If it seems very hot, or one side is much hotter than the other, this is another indication that immediate att’n is needed.