Brakes still making rubbing metal noise!



it started with a flat on passenger side front. Then the guy comes in and says I needed front brakes, he showed me and they were in two pieces on same side. So I bought new brakes for a 93 Mercury SUV and this guy put them on but never took test ride, so when I did the test drive it was still making the rubbing noise, but when I put my brake on it let up, going around cornors it made a squiling noise or going down the road it made the same noise! I had it checked out at Monroe after I put a oil change and that is when they told me he would not check my brakes because of the tires were too bad, so I bought 2 for the front and he said the brakes were on ok but never saw him do what I asked and that was to remove them and check for dirt or ?? look at the rotor, but I have no idea? So please can anyone say what might be wrong! I am not rich but I am a disable vet! oh and a 57 year old granny!!


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Sometimes new pads have to seat.

Or the bad pad may have put a groove in the rotor.


Is it a constant sound, or a pulsating sound? If it is not constant then it is likely a warped rotor. Big places like monroe and big tire and brake places will not do a good inspection. Takes time and they are about quantity of customers and upsaleing. If your old tires did not have oddly worn areas on the edges or overall and sufficient tread (lincoln head penny test) then you do not need new tires. A constant sound can be something caught between your brake pads and rotor. You can get a can of brake cleaner and have someone spray at where the rotor and pads meet while you very slowly roll the car forward and back. If you know someone who could jack up each wheel and spray the other side as well and hand roll the wheel to get any debris that could cause noise and groove your rotors. Ive replaced a couple sets of rotors on my vehicles over the years due to cuts in them causing any new pads to be worthless to change without doing the rotors as well. Disabled 30yo vet here as well maam.