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Rubbing Alcohol

Will “rubbing alcohol” prevent my engine block from freezing? I had to rephrase this question…

“Rubbing Alcohol” is NOT pure alcohol. It’s half water already! YES, you can use alcohol as anti-freeze, BUT WHY??? It will cause more problems than it cures…

Rubbing alcohol used at a very high percentage. would work as an antifreeze, but it would be a very poor coolant. It would tend to boil off, likely even in winter. It would likely cause over heating in the summer because it does not transfer heat nearly as well as coolant. It would likely cost you a water pump as it will not lube it and finally it will not prevent rust and corrosion so you could end up replacing a lot of parts in your cooling system.

Thanks. I have been trying to stop a leak in the radiator and I think I have done so but I need to protect the engine temporarily from 10 deg wx this Thursday. No, I would not “run” alcohol as a coolant - just until this freeze passes.

Please see my reply to an earlier post. Thanks.