Windshield Washer fluid alternative

Can i use RV waterline anti-freeze for windshield washer fluid??

I can only find -34 washer fluid and where i live it has the potential to get another 20 30 degrees colder. They are sold out of the -40 and im leaving town for awhile

The RV anti-freeze is rated for -50

Where do you live that can get to -64???..Northern Alaska???

Northern Alaska

I think you might have trouble with the anti-freeze because the glycol may not evaporate and wipe off the windshield without leaving a film.

What you need is a higher concentration of alcohol. Washer fluid usually is methanol based, but I betcha if you grab a bottle of cheap ethanol-based rot-gut vodka, that will get you up to the concentration you need.

Alcohol was what my Dad used some 50+ years ago before there was washer fluid.

Now why didn’t I think of that. Great. Thanks guys


Kinda spendy. Im thinking about 6 oz. Of rubbing alcohol to a gallon of -20 washer fluid.

Denatured alcohol should be cheaper than the drinkable variety.
Check the hardware store.

Copy that. Thanks

Good thinkin’ Circuit.

I was thinking a ten dollar jug of Devil Springs 160 proof rot-gut.

I’m thinkin dump that in the gas tank

Heet, the gas drier will lower the freezing point of the fluid but what is the freezing point of pure alcohol? Alcohol will freeze somewhere above -60 I believe.

Well it wasn’t hard to find. Pure ethanol freezes at -173*F.

Ok. Whats your guess on an amount of HEET per Gal of Washer fluid???

It shouldnt get quite that cold…

1bottle of HEET per Gal should be plenty??

100% pure rubbing alcohol has a freezing point of -127F. I’m not sure whether you can find pure rubbing alcohol or not, but I’ve bought 90% pure before. I would think adding a bottle with the washer fluid which is already rated at -34 should bring the freezing point down to a safe temperature rating for your area. Rubbing alcohol is also cheap.

What about the antifreeze in your radiator though?