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Gasline Antifreezein Radiator

Will putting Gasline Antifreese (Heet) in your radiator cause problems? If so, what should I do next?

Nothing to worry about. These fuel system anti-freeze products are just isoprophyl alcohol. As soon as the cooling system reaches operating temperture, the alcohol is going to vaporize and escape the system. And isoprophyl alcohol won’t damage rubber components so the hoses won’t be effected.


I never would have guessed, bet someone will be happy with that answer.

I have to ask. Why did you do that?

Stupidity. I thought it was antifreeze.

Antifreeze in a 12 oz. bottle?

We have all done like things.

Flush before you lose the water pump. It will fail within a week.

There was a time when alcohol was used as anti-freeze. You had to use a 160 degree thermostat. Service Stations bought it by the 55 gallon drum and they sold a lot of it…Cheap and effective.

That’s BS…