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Rpms 3000 driving at 60mph

I have a 04 jag 3.0 x type, when I am driving 60 mph the rpms are 3000 . Why ? I know I need to change plugs n wires, oil n filter. I just got this car any…

Sounds like your transmission is not shifting into the upper gears.
When you have the other delayed maintenance performed you might get lucky with having the transmission fluid and filter changed.
It could also be the transmission control module, but you should be getting a fault light or check engine light.

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Yes I have a ck engine light … I m going to run obd2 on it to see what codes it throws at me … also I was told that there are 3 sensors need cked

With this car it has a closed trans cuz I dont see a dip stick for it

Many transmissions no longer have dip sticks, but fluid still needs to be changed. Though manufacturers often have unreasonable extended fluid change intervals, it is best to have it changed every 30,000 miles.

Do you have any warning lights on, such as check engine? Transmission check might require a separate electronic scan-I do not know whether yours does or not.

Yes there is a gear box n engine light … also if the coolant is low … would it be ok put water in it until I get the correct coolant

If it doesn’t need more than about half a gallon I would say yes for a short amount of time. If you are in an area that freezes be should to get it corrected before the first freeze.

Good luck with your Jaguar.

If my memory serves me… What you have there is a glorified Ford Taurus… No really.

It sounds like your AWD trans is either in OD lockout… or not in top gear for some reason. 3K at 60 is too high for that model.

No, it is an upscale version of the Ford Mondeo, which was a mundane non-performance-oriented family sedan that was marketed in The UK. One of the reasons why that model failed in the marketplace is that Brits realized that it was little more than an overpriced Mondeo.


Yes yes… What @VDCdriver said… lol. They all share a ton of parts with each other either way.

If You’ll call this mundane, I wonder what You’ll call peppy :grin:

Okay, yes, you could get more sedate versions also :grinning:

As well as the rest of Europe.

I hope you realize that your European residence gives you much more knowledge of these NON-US models than those of us in The US. Then again, I seem to know… a bit more… about some of these NON-US models than most of the folks posting in this forum.


Of course I do. It has (from my side) only been meant as a friendly and - hopefully - funny banter. But maybe it isn’t recieved that way. If so, I apologize.

No apology necessary!
I just wanted to set the record straight… so to speak…

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Only .4 sec. from 60 to 100 :question: . Something ain’t right with those numbers.

If You had read the link, You would have noted that the numbers were for:
7,4 sec 0-100 kilometers per hour and 7,00 sec 0-60 miles per hour (96 km. per hour) :grin:

I had an ‘84 Escort, I think they used centimeters to measure the 0-100 time.