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Rpm stutter when coming to a stop

Hello, I own a vw golf mk6 2009 with 60k miles. I have some basic understanding of cars but ive never heard of this issue before. Basically when going down a hill in neutral the rpms go slightly up as it should but when i come to a stop the rpms go down in a jittery manner and the car also shakes slightly when this happens. Is this normal?

Does the car also shake when using the brake at a stoplight? Also, you should not be going down a hill in neutral. It’s dangerous, and I believe it may be illegal.

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Nope no shaking when applying the brakes, I mainly notice this when in traffic and im constantly going in 1st, accelerate a bit, go back to neutral and press the brakes to stop. The shake happens when i come to a full stop. And im guessing the car shakes because as i said the revs go back down in a jittery/stuttery way

If this car has one, you might want to check the idle air control valve. If on the other hand you have have an electronic throttle body, you should check that.

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