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RPM problem Nissan pickup

I have a 1986 Hardbody 4x4 pickup and have a problem that it will not rev-up over 2700 RPM’s. It happened when I was traveling down a road and went over a set of railroad tracks that jarred the truck and now it will not rev over 2700. It is strong up to 2700 and then cuts out like a rev limiter and then comes back strong again untill it get to 2700. Someone thought it may be the sensor in the throttle body? It is fuel injected.

Thanks for any comments

Some Nissan’s had a 2nd coil pack (I have no idea if they did in 86) that would take over at higher RPM’s. (it’s possible it’s what you mention here too, I’m not 100% familiar with this truck.)

You might want to have the fuel pressure tested.

When you jarred the truck going over the railroad tracks, it may have partially broken off the pickup sock at the bottom of the fuel pump assembly. When this happens, the sock can restrict the amount gas going into the fuel pump. Then when you reach a certain RPM, there’s not enough gas getting to the engine to keep it running above that RPM.

And if you want to check the fuel pump assembly, it’s much easier to tilt the box up than to drop the gas tank.