hey!, ive got a 99 Nissan Avinir that runs good (unitll) you try an rev past 2500 revs, the car losses power until it revs again under 2500, its like its automated to do this or is having intake problems, it was running good before stored it, i put in a new petrol pump, it had been siting for a while, what do you think? it runs fine under 2500 rpm no problems but wont go over 2500rpm, your thoughts would be much appreciated??? thank-you!!!

You apparently live somewhere other than the US, so we have no idea of whether your vehicle is equipped with emissions control equipment such as a catalytic converter. But…assuming that your vehicle does have a catalytic converter, I would suggest that you have your mechanic check the exhaust system in order to determine if the cat converter is clogged.

If this vehicle doesn’t have a cat converter, then I would suggest that the fuel pump be checked to see if it still has adequate output pressure.

+1 for VDCdriver.

If you’re trying to get it to rev in “Park” or “Neutral” there’s a pretty good chance you’re hitting a rev limiter.

If you mean it won’t go past 2500 RPM while in gear and moving that’s a different story.

JayWB makes an excellent point.
Can the OP please clarify whether the engine fails to rev while sitting in Park/Neutral, or if the problem happens while driving?

the Nissan Avinir wont go over 2500 rpm when driving

thanks everone for commenting!!

its like it cuts in and out even when driving exactly the same but under 2500 rpm it runs sweet???

thats the link to the film of the symptom, PLEASE HELP!!!

I’m not familiar with this model of car at all but a rev limiter is usually in the higher range of RPMs such as 4000 and so on.

VDCdriver made several very good suggestions previously7 about a clogged converter or fuel pressure issue; either of which could cause engine bogging like this. Diagnosis has to start somewhere and those 2 areas are the prime suspects.

Did u install a new fuel pump? Used pump? Oem pump? Aftermarket? Was old pump dead? Did u pull fuel tank and inspect and clean it? New gas?

Since it’s been in storage you may find that a rodent has built a nest in the intake duct. Check your air filter for nest debris. I’ve seen this happen.

Did you replace the fuel filter? Have you disconnected the fuel line at the fuel rail to see if you are getting a good gas flow? It kinda sounds like there is some gumming up of the fuel system.

If the computer detects a serious fault the rev limit will be reduced to a “limp in” mode. You video is too close to see the warning lights on the left, is there an engine malfunction light on?

As mentioned, the rev limiter is lowered when in park/neutral as shown in the video.

bran new pump

no lights on

all normal engine lights, nothing to suggest a problem

i was thinking maybe whould this cause this maybe if i disconected the pressure lines in/out and spray the with a compressor to diagnose if i was getting good flow to the motor not knowing wht i was doing maybe push somthing or presure the wrong way??? … but the car runs fine under 2500 RPM…???



the car does the same thing while driving sweet at under 2500 RPM but does the videoed syptoM over the 2500RPM

aftermarket pump installed, old pump was dead ass ugly pulled it out of the gas tank cleaned the pump filter and tank, im changing the fuel filter today… let u guys no…15 litres gas and injecter cleaner nolon brand