RPM goes higher but no power 2 transmission, on and off

my RPM goes higher but no power 2 transmission it happens on and off.

i am not sure if it is a transsmission problem or something with fuel, injectors, air mixture or anything else.

it is Toyota Camery 96

Automatic or manual transmission? Most likely automatic.

Check the transmission fluid level (read the owner’s manual if you don’t know how). It’s more complex than checking engine oil.

By the way, “2” is a number, not a word.

it is automatic and the fluid level seem to be ok, but color a bit dark.

That dark fluid is most likely dark because the engine is revving and the vehicle is not moving. Transmission is slipping and overheating the fluid.


sould i jump to conclusion that it is the transmission is bad, or could it be someting like the transmission sloenoid

also what sould i do next, how can i be sure it is the transmission and what are the symptoms

Is the neutraling happening right after starting on a cold first use? Make sure you measure the transmission fluid level with the transmission warmed up to normal operating temperature; on a level area; with the engine running in Park; and taking several dips and wipes. Try to get the level as close to the warm maximum level as you can. See if that helps.

If the problem continues, try the transmission in Reverse, 1st, 2nd, 3rd (OD button Off), and 4th (OD button On). Note any neutraling or slipping problems. Let us know what you find.

We probably can point you toward the problem but it is going to take a transmission technician to do a pressure check, stall test, etc. to get a valid diagnosis. Although this transmission is computer controlled, the solenoids just command the shifts. The line pressure is set by the Throttle Valve cable from the throttle body (I am assuming you have the 4 cylinder engine but I think the 6 is the same). If that cable is misadjusted or off its track, you will get slippage under high throttle but you won’t get neutraling until you have been slipping a long time.

If you have worn out or cooked the forward clutch, the transmission will neutral and/or slip in all forward gears. If Reverse still works and does not neutal or slip, the high, 1st/reverse, and the overdrive lock cluthes are okey.

Get back to us with more information on your number of cylinders, engine model, what happens in other gears, and the state of the fluid level. Maybe we can help you further.

i did this morning transmission fluid exchange, and i didnt notice anything yet.
i got 4 clynders it is automatic, it happend more when it is cold in the morning, the fluid level should be good now, i’ll wait for tomorrow morning to see what happens when i start the car.
i’ll post tomorrow

is also connection with fuel pump, cus when i started my car in the cold it wont start until i press the speed pedal a bit and then start the car