RPM Fluctuations 2002 Corolla

My sister was driving my '02 Corolla (120K miles) this morning when the RPM’s started to fluctuate between 1500-2500 for a few seconds. Did it on the highway (60 mph) and then again on a city street (45 MPH). Then back to normal. Had a tune up etc less than 2 months ago. Any ideas?

if it did it while it was in gear, you have slippage in your transmission. If it’s an automatic, it’s going to be expensive. If it’s a manual, it’s probably only going to be mildly expensive.

Expensive I can’t do especially on a 10 year old car

Are the RPMs surging up? Transmission slippage.

Are they dipping down? Power loss due to fuel or ignition issue.

Up and down. In thought it could be the fuel I am using, but who knows??

If you’re cruising along at 2000rpm does it jump to 2500, drop to 1500, or both?

If both it could also be a problem with the torque converter lockup.

It does both