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Routine maintenance

I own a 2005 Infiniti G35X. In January I took it to the dealer to get a new key fob, and while I was there the dealer provided me with a list of maintenance needs which he said should be addressed within the next 6 months or so. Specifically, he recommended (a) replacing the drive belts, (b) brake flush, © power steering flush, and (d) fuel system tune up. The dealer estimated that the total cost for all these services would be $740. I have a 2-fold question: (1)

The post was cut off, but I think I know the questions.

  1. Do I need this stuff?

The drive belts are typically called to be changed a 4 year intervals, but most people ride them until they look worn out. If this engine uses the new nitrile rubber belts, there is a cheap guide available to check for wear.

Brake flush is a good idea every 3-4 years. Brake fluid absorbs water and also collects dirt and wear from inside the brake parts.

Power Steering flush is an iffy one. I like just pumping out the fluid with a small fluid pump I have, or a turkey baster as others have suggested, and putting in fresh every 4-5 years. Costs less than $5 for the fresh fluid this way, and never puts air in the system.

Fuel system tune up. Throw a bottle of Techron ($10-15) in the tank once a year does the same thing.

  1. Do I need to use the Dealer?

No you don’t. Any good shop can do this stuff, and cheaper.