Routine Maintenance - 2 Yr = $560?

My Nissan dealer told me that my car was due for its 2 year service, replacing filters, etc. and that it would run about $560.

The car is a 1998 Maxima, and has about 80,000+ miles on it.

Does this sound even remotely reasonable? Any advice would be great! Thanks.

Key word in your question is “dealer”, they ae usually more expensive. If you know what has to be done, get a price check at an independent shop.

Thanks…I checked Edmunds.Com. They list the appropriate services for my mileage as replacing the air, oil and engine filters in addition to changing the oil and inspecting other items. They say in my area it should cost $112. I accept that the dealer would be hire, and I’d pay 25% more, but I’m throwing the flag at anything over $150.

If anyone can tell me anything more, I’d really appreciate it.


Dealers often pad routine service with unneeded items (flushes, unneeded fluid changes). You need to carefully review your manual and get a quote from the dealer on what they’ll charge to do only the needed items.

Dealers make tons of money off of these services. Often way beyond what private shops charge for the same service.

Find a reputable independently owned and operated shop and let them do what needs doing. You’ll save tons.

That figure is about right for a DEALER. The 50,000 mile service on my Sentra came to $550; the only reason I did it was to keep the warranty in place. No doubt I could have done it for about half the cost somewhere else.

I hate to tell you this now, but for the future, remember that you do not need to have any service done by the dealer to maintain a warranty, unless the provide the service for FREE. You do need to keep records, but they can be from your local independent mechanic.