Routine EVAP Canister Replacement?

My Corolla’s routine maintenance schedule says to replace the EVAP canister every 5 years. I’ve never done that, nor heard of anyone replacing that part as part of routine maintenance. Does anyone actually do that?

My dentist recommends I come in for an exam and cleaning every 6 months but I don’t do that either. No need to.

Way back when carmakers were erring on the side of caution when it came to emissions system maintenance. If I recall there was also a scheduled replacement of the oxygen sensor. But nobody actually does that.

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Didnt we have a post not long ago when someone asked about replacing a fuel pump proactively?

I think that was a much-ignored recommended replacement decades ago when EVAP systems were a new thing.

My 1999 Civic now has over 200,000 miles has been throwing a P1457 code: EVAP leak in canister area. I have replaced a couple parts in the system and am considering putting in a new canister. I’ll try some more diagnosing first.

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The maintenance schedule indicates to inspect the vapor canister every 72 months. “I” for inspect, “R” for replace.

George’s Toyota was manufactured 22 years later.

Luckily I don’t have that option, I have a primary care Dr, a Neurologist, Pain Dr (seen monthly for years now), and surgeon… We not even going into all the medications I take daily… lol

You wouldn’t replace your engine if running great as preventative maintenance cause it might/will break down at some point in the vehicles life… :wink:

Obviously… :smirk:
However, one might have certain repairs done before catastrophic engine failure took place, and a whole lot of car owners wouldn’t recognize the symptoms of problems that are developing unless a mechanic detected them.

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I completely agree with you on that…

Well I am certainly glad that you are here to share your story with us!

Perhaps my sarcasm was lost with my last statement (see the grinning face) but there is a grain of truth and a lesson here. I have not had a single cavity (other than a broken tooth) in 30 years. Others will not have that same experience. My teeth are for some reason more durable than other people’s.

Engines are the same. Some are more durable and forgiving than others. So when someone asks if they should have a fuel injection/intake service done at 30K miles, maybe they should, maybe they shouldn’t. One engine may go 200K miles without any additional service, one may have valves that are completely carboned up by 80K.

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There’s more to dental health than teeth

Even if you have the most cavity-resistant and durable teeth known to man, if your gums aren’t in good shape, those super-duper teeth may fall out

I expect that was the reason for a lot of expletives!