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2006 Toyota Avalon - Do I have to?

My wife’s 2006 Avalon. Great car with about 111,000 miles. Just got an oil change etc. They tell me I need a charcoal canister, EVAP System failed Health test and it needs to be replaced. I guess it is located in the gas tank?? so it’s a fairly difficult job. It’s a $715 job. I’m a little reluctant to spend that kind of money but my wife loves the car. I have had it serviced at the dealer since we bought it and have no complaints with what they have done over the years, in other words, I do trust them.

Then have them do the work. Its just that simple.

Was your check engine light ON when you brought it in? If it was, you had a problem. The dealer diagnosed it and the cost to fix it is $715. If this has been a good car, has only 100K, spend the money to keep it running correctly and allow it to pass your local emission test, if you have one. And keep the air we all breath cleaner.

Keep in mind, cars can wear out or we can kill them by not keeping them properly serviced.

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