PCV Valve --- no scheduled replacement interval in Maintenance Guide

My 2007 Corolla comes with a scheduled maintenance guide that specifies among many other things, oil changes every 5,000 miles (I’ve been using synthetic) and other types of inspections and stuff like that.

BUT, nowhere does it have anything to say about the PCV Valve.

Does the PCV Valve need to be replaced?

If so, why no mention of it??

The PCV valve is often overlooked but it’s a very important part of any vehicle engine system. The rule of thumb I use for replacement is 50K. Sooner if it fails for any reason. On many vehicles with the OBD II systems after 2002 the PCV valve is monitored since the varnish and sludge in an engine can also plug up the PCV valve.

PCV valves are cleaned or replaced when they malfunction. There is no scheduled replacement interval. You may go 200K miles and never have a problem with the PCV valve.
On the other hand, if it makes you feel better, go ahead and replace it.

They can be cleaned by removing them from the valve cover (or where-ever) leaving the vacuum hose attached, and with the engine running, spray some carb cleaner into the open end of the valve. This will clean the entire PCV system…

Do be aware that while all cars have PCV systems, not all of them have PCV valves. Mine don’t. I assume that there are others that may not as well.

As Tardis said, not all cars have PCV Valves. My '91 Camry didn’t.

If you have one, it’ll be seated in a rubber grommet on the top of your valvecover with a rubber hose coming off the top of it. A Haynes manual can be a good guide as to whether it exists. If it does, it’ll be described in the manual.

The PVC for your car costs only $5. I would clean it each time I replaced the spark plugs and replace it if in any doubt.

My two '97 BMWs have rather elaborate PVC valves about the size of my fist that have the oil mist eliminator as part of the PVC valve. They have no scheduled replacement interval, which is good since they cost over $100. One of mine has a quarter million miles on it.