Roughly how long should it take to change a EGR valve?

I know you can’t always predict this if fastenings are rusty or such, but about how long does it take to change an EGR valve?

Year, make, model, engine.

Sorry, 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan , 3.0 liter v6

ALLDATA lists the labor time to replace the valve at .8 hours. From the illustration it doesn’t look to hard to replace.

Thanks for reply. I have been trying to decide if I should replace it or have it checked and cleaned - one mechanic says just to clean it, but a website I saw on my particular engine says to only change it that cleaning it isn’t good enough and that leaving it may damage the engine. I think I would just as soon change it if it isn’t too much labour, and I am shopping around for a good price on a part. The part varies between 75 and 150.00 - do you think places like NAPA ever sell used parts as new?

Just to address the part about NAPA selling used parts as new, that could be debateable.
While I’ve never had it happen with NAPA, I have gotten a few “used” parts from several other auto parts houses.

These parts were more than likely returns that someone had purchased, installed, and after discovering the problem was not solved gave it back.
A year or so ago I had to replace an ignition switch in my daughter’s Mitsubishi.
The part was only available locally from AutoZone and after installing it found out the starter would not even crank the engine over.
Testing showed no power was going through the switch to the starter solenoid.

A 40 mile drive to another AutoZone to get another switch showed that the next new switch inside the box was wrapped in sealed plastic whereas the first switch was not.
What probably happened here is that someone installed the new switch, cleaned the old one, and returned it to AutoZone for a refund; thereby getting themselves a new switch and their money back. It’s unlikely the parts counter employees knew the difference and it even got by me.
Welcome to Wal Mart. :slight_smile:

Interesting. I have had new parts before that were defective - and I sometimes wondered if they tried to pawn off the returned parts on people that they thought might put up with them. I wish they wouldn’t do that. BTW I got the part for 75 and it looked new, and i had them put it in - it didn’t take them long at all.