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Rough @ warm up

My 2002 lincoln LS run rough after warm up. Check engine light code is EGR , replaced EGR

Valve or solenoid? Or both?
Did you clean the orafice?

And sometimes the problem isn’t the EGR valve itself, but the vacuum switching devices which control it. EGRs usually work by a vacuum line. They can stick open, or stick closed. When they become stuck closed, this usually doesn’t cause a drivability problem. Sometimes they can stick open, but since you installed a new one, that isn’t likely the problem. But the vacuum valve which allows the vacuum to get to the EGR and opens the EGR, if that fails or gets confused by some other sensor (like a temperature sensor) that has failed, then the EGR can open when it isn’t supposed to, and can cause a driveability problem.