93 S10 blazer with egr valve issues

Hi all! I’m in a desperate state with this vehicle. I’ve put a new fuel pump in new gas lines. I’m getting fuel and spark.

I’ve cleaned the egr valve and it seems to be working freely. Drove great one day and the engine light has come on again and it’s beginning to run rough. The EGR is an electric kind–no diaphragm. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Are you getting an EGR code?


Does it have a rough idle? If it does, unplug the electrical connector from the EGR control. If the idles smooths, this shows that the EGR valve is being turned on at idle.

I really doubt the EGR is the problem. This is a 93, chances are the EGR passage is plugged so even if the EGR was coming on at idle it wouldn’t affect how the engine is running.

I would be looking at ignition components for a rough running problem. Plus the vehicle is pretty old, I would check compression as well,one cylinder with low compression could be the cause as well.

Thanks Tester, I’m gong to call Auto Zone or AA and see if they’ll put it on the computer for me. Hopefully I will see what’s going on. Appreciate you input!

You can pull the codes yourself.

Look under the dash below the steering column. There you’ll find the Assembly Line Data Link. Look close and you’ll see each pin on the ALDL has a letter. Jumper between the A & B terminals with a paper clip or a piece of wire. Turn the ignition switch to the run position and the Check Engine light will start flashing out the codes.