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Rough start/idle, low power after fuel pump replaced

My fuel pump failed on Saturday, Sept 11 after I’d just got back from an out-of-town errand. I didn’t notice anything odd while driving. The truck’s performance was fine and smooth-starting. I just couldn’t start the truck again when I wanted to go on some other errands that day.

I had the fuel pump and fuel filter replaced and the truck turned back over to me by the mechanic on Wednesday, September 15. He installed a Spectra Premium model SP61029M fuel pump and a fuel filter with model GF365 according to the invoice.

Now the truck starts like it isn’t getting enough fuel and threatens to die. It idles rough, with the RPM needle going over the 1 (1000?) mark and then bouncing up and down a little. When I first start out and accelerate, it is slow to respond.

My fuel level was just under 1/8 tank when I had the failure and the mechanic didn’t put any more in it. I had to pick up the truck after the shop had closed, so the mechanic wasn’t there when it started badly. I immediately filled the fuel tank, thinking maybe that would help, but it didn’t.

What else can I do? Was something not connected properly? Do I need another part replaced?

I should mention that this is a GMC Sonoma 2003 with around 85,000 miles.

If it ran like crap when you picked it up, I wouldn’t have driven off with it. That makes me think it wasn’t really the fuel pump to begin with, but something else that hasn’t been fixed yet. How do you know it was the fuel pump that failed?

I didn’t have a choice but to take the vehicle. The person who dropped me off at the shop drove away before I started up the truck. It was that or sleep there until morning. That’s a whole separate issue.

The only way I know it was the fuel pump is because the mechanic said so. The guy had done me right on a previous repair and the shop has good reviews. I don’t have the tools or knowledge to test it myself.

I think it’s safe to say that either the mechanic diagnosed the problem wrong and didn’t fix it, or that he installed the fuel pump or fuel filter incorrectly. I wish I had a more definitive answer. Take it back to him.

Thank you. That is my planned course of action, but I was wanting to get some more information to go in with about what else could have gone bad. This was really expensive and I am not happy, but I also don’t know a lot about this stuff.