97 GMC Sonoma

100,000 miles on 5 spd truck. It now is more difficult to start than previous, ie, must pump the gas pedal. It is fuel injected. The garage suggested that the “fuel pressure regulator” went out. I would like to do this myself as I have dropped too much $ into this lt truck in the past 3 yrs. I can buy the parts, where is the pressure regulator located please. How to get to it? That is my question. Near the manifold I was told, but ?

Before you go replacing the regulator a proper diagnosis is needed. It could be the regulator but there is a check valve in the tank called a pulsator that can cause the same problem. It could be a weak fuel pump as well.

Has a fuel pressure gauge been installed to verify fuel pressure? If this hasn’t been done then don’t start throwing parts at it until the problem has been diagnosed.