Rough running 89 jeep wrangler

i have a 89 jeep wrangler that runs badly it has the L4 engine,changed plugs,wires, cap and rotor,smokes considerly, misfires,plugs get covered with soot right after cleaning and timing is set at 11 degrees, distributor only turns about 1/4 in. cant get timing any better. problem has come and gone over the years. at my wits end.

I don’t really know if this is a throttle body injected (as I suspect) or multiport, or even a carburator, but I can tell you that the soot and likely the misfiring comes from too much gas. Possible (and probable) sources for pouring too much gas in are a bad injector and a bad fuel pressure regulator. I’d start there.

11 degrees sounds awfully high. What’s the spec? Do you have a repair manual?

A compression test needs to be done to help find smoking issue before you blow it up

its a throttle body injection, and i agree soot is from to much gas, i cant figure out why timing is as it is-cant adjust it,distributor just doesnt turn far enough. no i dont have a manual ,but old rule of thumb was 4-6 degrees.this was the first year they fuel injected them as well. the problem has been on and off over the last 10 yrs or so. the soot is on all plugs not one so im thinking its not injectors

the smoking didnt begin until it started running rough,less than 20 miles ago. a compression test is planned hopefully tomorrow, any ideas how to correct timing? wouldnt the smoking be be related to incorrect timing?