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Well im back , I took my 2003 jeep wrangler to have a emissions test done. because it needs to be inspected and it did not pass the emissions test. i was told that code was ‘’’ P0455’’’ . witch the guy that got the code for me said it was a emissions leak from a hose. and it cant come from my air box because i dont have one. i have a after market air intake and it did not come with any air box. any one have any idea what the code means for"" P0455"" any help would be great thank you.

The code is for a major leak in the evaporative emissions system. In order to correct this you’ll probably need to have it smoke tested. Smoke is pumped into the system’s cavities and provides a smoke trail of where the leak is so it can be repaired.

This may have tripped due to a loose gas cap, but you’ll likely need the smoke test to confirm the integrity of the system.

Hey man thanks alot, I had a bad gas cap that i had replaced awhile ago. and i put 2 o2 sensors in it to the ones after the cats. it runs great but i need it to pass so its legal to drive. they are going to look at it some more tomorrow. so i hope they can solve the problem. one guy said it was a leak but did not know where it was. thanks alot mountainbike .

You’re welcome. Let us know the outcome.

Ok i will let you’s know the out come lol. thanks for the help=)

Who put in the aftermarket air intake? It sounds like there’s a hose that needs to be hooked up to the air box that your aftermarket one doesn’t provision for. Is there a loose hose somewhere that looks like it used to go to the air box?

Was it a factory gas cap? I read a Jeep tech’s comments that non-factory caps often cause codes.

yes the old one was a factory gas cap.

I thought of the hose from the canister purge valve, but that seemed too obvious.

Let’s say that it is the gas cap. So, you replace the gas tank cap; then, disconnect the battery to turn off the check engine light; then, you have to make several “trips” with the car to see if the check engine light comes back on.

And what is the new one? Factory?