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Rough rider - 2005 Tuscon

I just bought a used car, a 2005 Hyundai Tucson. When the car drives over 50 mph, it starts to shake a bit, and gets worse the faster it goes. This could be a balance issue on the tires. It has new tires. I’m wodering if this is an easy fix, or do they just run rough. Anyone know?

Since you don’t know the car’s history you should have the wheel balance and alignment checked. New tires may have been installed to make the car salable, but that doesn’t mean they were balanced, and it’s unlikely the wheels were aligned.

A Tucson should not vibrate at any speed. Did you notice the vibration during the test drive? Did the seller offer any explanation?

Is there any sort of guaranty with this vehicle?

We do have a 3 month warranty, so that is good. If it is just a balance problem, that should be not problem. I just wanted to know if someone knew if it rode rough normally.

We did test drive it and we noticed it, but wasn’t sure if that was normal or not. Just figured it was a balance issue.