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Rough idling Olds 98

I have inherited my father’s '94 Olds 98 with 140k miles. I know he did some basic repair work for it (tuneup, etc.) but it idles very rough, and sometimes is hard to start. Give it gas, it’s much better. Any suggestions as to where to begin to revitalize my new winter car?

Sounds like your father did not drive it hard enough; very common with seniors. In the absence of any maintenance rcords, I would do the following:

I would go to a good independent mechanic and have the fuel system checked out, spark plugs inspected, replaced if necessary, oil & filter changed, coolant imspected, changed if necessary, transmission fluid & filter changed. Then I would take it on a test highway trip of 100 miles or so.

The car probaly needs a good workout; some posters will no doubt recommend Seafoam to purge it further. Happy driving!