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Rough idle

I have a 2009 Scion xD and when I am idling in D or P, my car sounds like a diesel engine. It makes this propeller kind of sound on the driver side and it is worse when I am stopped or idling, but does not go away when I am driving. It has about 76,000 miles and I moved from AZ to CA, not that I think that makes much of a difference, but the high heat in AZ can cause problems for cars. The heater core went out in the fall of last year and I just had all 4 struts replaced. I really don’t want to have to spend too much more on the car to be honest and hope this is just a simple issue.

It could be. Have you raised the hood while the Scion was running and looked around? The last time I heard a sound like this…it turned out to a be cooling fan striking a broken piece of the fan shroud. Take a look or have someone look for you. You might get lucky.